Think of a time when you were MOST angry. 

It was probably when you felt the MOST right.

Someone else was WRONG and you were RIGHT. 

Did you find out after your anger past that there was more information to be found? Many different possible reactions or responses at your disposal? More evidence for and against your position of rightness? An opportunity for self-awareness and deeper - richer awareness of others? 

How can we position ourselves to respond rather than react?

1. Grow in self-awareness: Grow in mindfulness, become body aware and seek out support to focus on your strengths

2. Transition from self-awareness to awareness of others: Transform that model of yourself towards the curiosity of what is happening for others - the same fears, reactions, responses, anticipations, and experiences are represented in every single person around you

3. Be kind: Be kind to yourself and kind to others. A default position of enoughness all around.

You are enough and they are enough.

You are OK and they are OK.

Instead of I am OK they are not OK or I am not OK they are OK.

Your heart beats so does theirs - two hearts beating under the same sun.