Magic vs Mundane

Look around - magic everywhere.

You are looking through a pair of chemical windows. 

Perceive what you will. It is your choice. It is all an invention. You can create out of what you see, sense, smell and taste - what you will.

A flame flickers on the stove. Mundane...because we have seen it for decades on decades, it is expected, usual and it would be strange if it disappeared (or appeared elsewhere in the room)!   

The mundane is mundane because we see it all the time - it does not mean it is devoid of magic.

Life is magical. What do you do when magic is about? Eyes widen, smiles appear and curiosity leads the way. 

When we embrace life as magical, we become magicians, so do those all around. 

With a bunch of Magicians about there is no win and lose.

We suddenly find ourselves in a life of many possibilities.