Meet people...

...where they are at. 

You have a grand plan. A pronouncement. A sure fire way to proceed towards success. 

You open your mouth to Lord over. You quickly realise that what is falling out of your mouth are your words with only your meaning attached.

You speak but you are totally out of sync with your audience. The person paying the bills' ears are closed. They are searching for something else within your words that they are not willing to spin. 

They are searching for you to take away their pain immediately. They are on the hunt for a magician. They thought you were a wizard.  

You are not. You know stuff. You can do stuff. Temporary stuff -  that settles the nerves.  

At the end of the day you are just a mirror.

A mirror reflecting back what must change. Awareness found. Making it plain and simple. Explaining it's reasons. Catching the seasons. Asking people to go within.