The family you create...

If you are a CEO - your organisation is the family you have curated. A collection of people you have hired to form the family you think you deserve.

What is wonderful about our modern life is we also enable or disable this family by the technology we invest in to activate our organisation's processes and relationships.

Technology is the glue that sticks the family together. Technology is either working for or against the ambitions of your organisation.

Your technology is a carbon copy map of the function or dysfunction found in your organisational family system.

Silos. Underinvestment. Lack of visibility. No accountability. Glitz no grunt. All symptoms of what is happening in the human connections that make up your organisation - leadership - employee - partner - customer. 

What dominates your organisations family system? Anxiety? Self-awareness? Confusion? Authenticity? Control? Sharing? Reactions? Cohesion? Boundaries? No direction?