Real time data

Real time data - we all want it. When we get it we don't know what to do with it!

Real-time data when you have been running a business in the dark for many years can be very confronting. 

Many companies crave this level of awareness but when they get it they don't really know what to do with it!

Real-time data could be represented by the good or the bad found in for example; lead conversion metrics, actual sales performance per rep, customer service follow-up times and customer satisfaction scores.

Here are some guides on how to make the best of newfound real-time information:

  • Calm - just because you can now see the true state of your customer relationships does not mean you have to react in a rush to fix problems that arise - panic is the worst possible outcome
  • Encourage - Use the good and the bad to encourage your team - avoid using it as a stick or carrot this will lead to a cycle of behaviour that will erode a culture of possibility - use it as a set of facts for you and your team to augment existing strategic planning
  • Build a plan - once the dust has settled and everyone is calm build a prioritised plan on how to handle the new information you have gathered
  • Propagate - Propagate the amount of real time data you have access to - seek out new ways to track different aspects of your customer journey

Real-time data is a tremendous step towards organisational 'self-awareness' and will be an incredible catalyst of change if you can avoid the pitfalls of panic, control and being reactive.