You didn't spend enough!

Sometimes (not always) you just have not spent enough money. 

Your investment is WELL below what your next best competitors are investing in people, technology and therefore the processes that support your product/service, your customer's delight and therefore your growth/excellence/impact (whatever is your measure of success). 

Look around and ask yourself am I doing my Purpose (of being in business) justice? Am I enabling  my businesses/organisations/missions Purpose to emerge by the level of the investment of time and money?

Sometimes you just aren't and need to go and spend wisely. 

Fully articulate your Purpose, Values and key Ambitions first. 

Spend iteratively. Focus on foundational elements. Don't build a Bonsai garden when you need a concrete slab and steel supports! 

Build a prioritised plan. You can't spend all of the money at once. People are your competitive advantage and they take time to change. Spend money gradually to a clear priority order - make sure these priorities build on each other step by step towards your strategy. 

Activate with amazing people. Hire them full time (if you wish). Partner with other companies. Hire freelancers and consultants to supercharge your planning and activation. 

See every new investment as contributing to 3-5 different parts of your strategy. If it doesn't seriously re think its purchase.

Every new investment of time and money has the potential to increase the possibilities in front of you and your organisation 5 times - this way you can take advantage of unknown opportunities (or risks) down the track.