Sometimes we see technology as the end game - NO! Technology is here amongst us to drive human exploration, achievement, connection and growth. 

As long as humans are here on this planet we will need human networks. Humans engage with technology to communicate human to human.

All networks are part bits, bytes, metal, plastic and human. 


An appliance plugs into a pre-existing network of communication and energy supply.

A network is a collection of ordered (or disordered) components. Component parts that connect together to support the flow (or stoppage) of information.

People who take ownership, coordinate and influence flow are components of networks. You can never truly own an entire network*.

Are you an appliance that simply plugs into an existing network?


OR are you a component within a network? Conduit, hub, switch, router, node, amplifier, bridge, gateway or energy supply?

Over the next 10 years, appliances will be replaced by AI^, machine or automated process. 

Appliances: The sales guy, factory worker, middle manager, accountant, broker, cashier, taxi driver + more will all be out of work - all listed here are appliances that plug into existing networks.

How can you transition yourself, career and trajectory to become a component, not an appliance? 


*Even Facebook and Apple do not own the main currencies traded on their networks = Facebook's content is ours. Apple's apps are a community of developers.

^Artificial Intelligence: