Sometimes you just gotta make special effort in cleaning your teeth, tidying up around the house, cleaning your desk, sorting out that cupboard or decluttering your messy desktop! 

Hygiene from time to time is needed and important. It is easy for us to focus on what is seen and or felt but often in our organisations the unseen things accumulate in the background unnoticed or hidden away. 

Sometimes we gotta get real. Roll up our sleeves and tackle the lack of hygiene.

A lack of hygiene can be seen in manual processes that we have become blind to. Spreadsheets accumulating around complex problems. Many hands touching the same piece of information in order to see it flow effectively throughout the business. 

Do we need to floss? Do we need to hire a cleaner? Do we just need to sort out the mess to see what is enabling our success and what is detracting?

Do we need to move the immovable objects in our organisations to see the resources we are not tapping into OR how simple things could be if we rallied to move them?

Would a little folder action help to declutter and refine our visibility of processes and how things can start to flow?