Throw away the deck

I just told a company "We have selected you, your software is the only one we are looking at". 

Through fear, a rigid and inflexible sales process or to frustrate and annoy the Sales Rep quickly steered the conversation towards showing a 15 page slide deck to brief me on the company. 

This reminded me of a few lessons I learnt when I was a Sales Rep we could all use when persuading people to engage, change and start something:

  • Really listen to the customer
    • Get inside their head
    • See how they see you
    • Adapt!
  • Speak in plain language as much as possible or educate where needed
    • Reduce the complexity
    • Don't hoodwink yourself that any form of mystery is sexy to a customer
    • Be responsible for how you show up and communicate
    • Check to see if you are communicating to their needs
  • Always be up front and honest about gaps, disadvantages and weakness in your offering
    • A good customer knows nothing is perfect
    • Your customer will trust you if you point these out early and often
  • It is ok to walk away from a deal if the fit isn't right
    • It should be a perfect fit between needs and the solution
    • If it is not right it's not right -
    • I won plenty of sales by saying
      • "You are not ready for X"
        • You might just activate a change in their requirements and find a perfect fit emerges