Cause - Consequence - Solution

We work in a world that favours Cause - Consequence - Solution. 

It helps people feel in control. We have a problem that is caused by X and Y will solve it forever. 

We all know though that the world dosent work like this in reality.

Often today's solution is tomorrow's problem. 

Especially if it is a rushed solution, born of greed and or under invested in. 

We know this. We know it's truth. If we step back a moment and pause we see it staring in our face.

Fear hoodwinkeds us. Fear veils. Fear forces us to find a black and white answer. Fear rushes us. Fear keeps our investment stingy.

What if there were many causes? Many consequences? Many solutions? Too many to map? Too many to track? Too many to choose from? 

Well you better well darn be driven by a clear purpose, supported by strong values and guided by a killer set of ambitions to lead the way.