Partisanship blends with mediocrity in two party political systems.

Power rests in being able to achieve 51% of the vote. To do this you must remain devoutly partisan on all the core issues whilst also being all things to all people on and around the edges. 

Being all things to all people limits your effectiveness and makes authentic, real, actionable and inspirational leadership all but impossible. 

It is at these edges that real change has the potential to occur. It is at these edges that hearts, not just minds are activated where inspiration has the potential to soar. 

Our 24/7 media culture and always 'on' modern way of life has created this. There is no room for subtlety, no room for grace, no room for spontaneity, no room for mistakes, no room for the unknown, no room for exploration, no room for trialing this out, no room for emergence. 

In your work, organisation, business, team, project or client how can you actively avoid a 2 party system. Boss vs employees. Board vs Senior Management. Project Manager vs Service Provider.

How can you increase the amount of voices via diversity? How can you put curiosity and exploration at the centre of every discussion? How can you stop the futile search for right and wrong and seek (then find) the infinite possibilities already here waiting.