Awareness - Synchronicity - Enoughness

1st generate awareness. Stand within your purpose inside of this present moment. Become aware of all of the parts of you. Grow in body awareness. Allow your body to be the source of wisdom it is. Integrate real-time, your emotions, feelings and your body responses. Rest within those intuitive parts of you that speak of things unseen, unknown, to come, to guide, to support, to challenge, to inspire, to propagate this moment into new moments linked, linked to your purpose. Rest. Be.

2nd allow synchronicity to have its way. Not an act of an external all knowing God. An act of energy directed toward a moment filled with purpose. Some people call this God within. It matters but it doesn't matter. Seeking your true purpose is of the divine, mysterious and filled with unknowns. The source is unknown but once found is very known. The concreteness of a purpose emerging is surprising because its source is untetherable, fluid, mystic and other worldly. Emersed in a concrete purpose things happen all around, support is found, connections form, guidance delivered, things interlock, space opens and the path is clear. Don't be scared of synchronicity when it sneakily arrives - smile and chuckle at its magnificence and move ever forward into the next moment.

3rd nourish the enoughness you find. Within this moment, alongside the good fortune of synchronicity allow the solid, dependable, emerging knowledge of your inherent enoughness to rule. Fear has a special place when running from lions. Enoughness must have its rightful place as the bedrock of your existence - the all that supports your every moment. This will guide you away from distractive fear into a diligent focus on expressing your own purpose whilst enabling others.