Standing on a platform..

and watching a train go past is very disconcerting. It causes nausea. It disorients. You question what you are missing out on. You lean in. You quickly realise that touching the train that is in motion will hurt. Trying to enter the quickening train will really really hurt.

You may have arrived late. You may have seen the open doors and felt stuck where you stand. So you stand there waiting for the next train to stop or you chose to head home and get back into bed trying to ignore the fact trains come and go at all.

Every now and then you place yourself on a train platform at the right time. You've checked the timetable. You are versed in the cycles of trains that come and trains that go. 

Do you move forward and step into the carriage? Do you know where it is headed? Do you know why you are headed to that destination? Do you know what you will do when you get there?

The world is changing. Jobs are being replaced by projects. The black and white of things is being replaced by the grey - right and wrong is being replaced by "we don't know yet". Good or bad is being replaced by being present - being in the now.

Being present is giving us insight into the options we have always had in front of us but were too scared to look. Connect to purpose. Watch for cycles. Get on the train.