Two ways to live

1. With a fixed view of how things will end up. Right and Wrong. Black and White.  

2. In wonder at the possibilities. Who knows how things will work out -  how exciting :) 

Last night I was at a restaurant with a group of friends celebrating a Birthday. We booked for 12 we had 15.

It was an accident. 3 suprise guests turned up we didn't account for! 

An offence was created "How dare you have more than you booked for!" "We couldn't possibly accommodate your extra guests."

We were spoken to so rudely we decided to move on after only our first drink.  

We went on to another location where the 15 of us happily spent over $1000+ where we were wanted. 

Now watch this. 

On arrival at the new location the manager greeted us with open arms. "Do you all want to sit together?" "Yes of course you do I will clear out those people and move them to a new table." "Look the kitchen was supposed to close 30 minutes ago but since you all arrived just now how about we pop an order in for you all."

We were so blown away by the managers generosity throughout the night - free drinks, generous amount of food and a Happy Birthday suprise. At one point I was encouraging people off the street to settle in at this bar instead of the one just next door.

On leaving I asked the manager how did she manage to get everyone to move for us. She said "Oh well that's easy! I just gave them 10% off their bill."

You can live life closed off to opportunities. Or you can live an open life connected to what is possible.

1. The first owner unfortunately has a fixed view of things. You booked for 12 I will not find you 3 more chairs (there was plenty of room at the table). "You are wrong I am right."

2. The second manager lives a life of possibility. People sitting in a large groups way? Offer them a discount to move. Kitchen closed? Nah what if we bent that rule tonight?