You've got a cold.

There are two ways to deal with it:

1. Block all side effects with a pseudoephedrine cocktail so you can forget it even exists.

2. Allow it to blossom in all its glory and listen to your bodies need for rest. 

Some possible consequences:

1. You are ill for much longer than you needed to be and you infect many other people

2. You rest, recuperate and reenergise taking time out for yourself to see your mini sickness as a sign post

Is sickness a sign post? I think sometimes it is. A sign post to slow down, reflect, take some time out, re-establish boundaries and get to know ourselves a little better. 

We can use this sign post in two ways - ignore it - suppress it - march on - and watch a chest infection pop up to floor you so you really have to listen. 

OR we can embrace it, understand it, listen to it, respond, nurture it, nourish ourselves and watch health, balance and wellbeing emerge. 

Life's problems are very very similar to getting a little cold. We can embrace problems, conflicts and bumps in the road or we can suppress them, ignore them and run for the hills - the same sort of stuff happens.