Reduce the chaos

It is good to feel some level of anxiety. Balanced anxiety gets things done, it focuses us on what is important it also directs where we invest our time and resources. 

When anxiety becomes out of balance you get a person or a group of people unable to get things done, a lack of focus on what is truly important and no clear idea on how to invest time or resources. 

Tips on reducing anxiety when it is unbalanced:

  • Build a clear and watertight view of your PURPOSE - asked yourself why do I exist - why does this organisation exist? What is it all for? Anchor all conversations around this purpose
  • Work on yourself: get a coach/counsellor/therapist to work out why you are reactive - build self-awareness and focus on your strengths and your organisations strengths
  • Document, draw, discuss and refine the "Current State" and the intended "Future State" be bold with the changes - document what is "Important" and focus on that (the urgent/chaos will slowly disappear)