What parts of us love to constantly be at war. War against our boss. War against the trouble maker in the team. War against the change someone else has deemed acceptable. War against our bodies. War against nature. War against stress. War against our past. 

What parts of us are not comfortable without win/lose, black/white and yes/no scenarios? 

What if the reality of our lives was everyone plays to just simply play, full of grey and wrapped in a bunch of maybes?

We are constantly in a battle against what we think is right and or wrong, what is healed/complete/whole or damaged/broken/fractured.

What if in fact this was all an invention? Invented so we could feel safe - secure in our knowingness. 

What if reality was in actual fact a deep mystery that could never be answered?

We might rest back into this mystery (faith in ourselves, faith in each other, faith in our existence), we might be able to connect to those parts of us we don't fully understand and be vulnerable, gracious, compelling and connected to the stuff that REALLY matters.