I just cancelled my Spotify Membership...

Google has officially taken over my personal and professional life. I was already embedded in the Google ecosystem through personal and work - emails, documents, photos connected through my Google mobile phone (I am greatly enjoying my Nexus 6). '

Now 'YouTube Red' has been released in Australia meaning I no longer need my Spotify account. YouTube Red is giving me access to Ad Free YouTube, YouTube Music and the entire catalogue of Google Play music streaming for $9.99 AUD.

Way to disrupt a business model dominated by Apple and Spotify!

Some simple rules here include: 1. Build an ecosystem that wraps your customer to infiltrate their work and personal lives 2. Need to displace competitors? Bundle your products together and give your customers more than they can get from your nearest competitor 3. Keep it bloody simple to buy - Offer a flat rate of subscription for access no complexity just one path for your customer to take.