Rapid change does not last

Is your business hopeful that a new technology platform, a new service provider or a new mindfulness program will drastically and rapidly change your business? 

It won't. It might start a process of change and be a catalyst for a deeper, rich and slower moving type of change. Which might just totally revolutionise YOU and your business (over time). 

Rapid change that is accelerated unnaturally never lasts.

In a scientific study of 6 seasons worth of Biggest Loser contestants, it was found that their bodies actively worked against them keeping the weight off. Their resting metabolism slowed meaning that even if they ate less and moved more their minute by minute resting metabolism would slow - their bodies would limit the number of calories they were able to burn at rest resulting in an increase is the storage of fat.

The law of balance strikes again. 

Where there is a drastic change in one aspect of a system the other parts of the system will normalise and rebalance the change as if it never occurred in the first place. 

Slow, adaptive, meaningful, difficult and rigorous change is required to change 'whole' complex systems.