Hire the right people

Within the next 5 years the technology we use in business will be an outright commodity (if it isn't already). It will be like for like as we all adopt best practice marketing, sales and service technologies.  

The difference will be your people. 

Technology won't cut it alone.

We all have access to an infinite list of technology choices offering us the same things: a single source of truth, automation capability to send, personalise, connect, visualise and record. 

Only your people who you engage, embed and encourage will cause the change you seek. 

When looking at critical change in your organisation - do you have the right people to enable the change you seek?

On one hand it's about reviewing who you already have. Have you got the change agent/s your organisation needs? 

On the other hand its about looking to the market for who you could bring in. Full time? Contractor? Service Provider? 

These among other things will set a foundation for an engaged, embedded and encouraged group of people who enable the change you seek and your customers will be seeking. 

Do you have a clear purpose? Have you got clearly articulated values to guide the way? Are your ambitions both measurable and heartfelt?