The Grey

Life seems to be all about coming back to the grey. Finding a balance. Finding the middle between two polar opposites. Hanging in the comfortableness of mystery. 

How do we get comfortable with mystery and the unknown?

Life's experiences seem to refine our edges and force us to reflect on balance. Sickness. Chaos. Emergencies. Defeat. Feedback. Failures. Disappointments. Suffering. Disconnection. Opportunities. Triumphs. Celebration. Wins. Success. Happiness. 

How can we get comfortable with the grey - the middle - and with balance? Not a yes or a no it's a maybe. Not win or lose - we have an infinite amount of possibilities. 

Complexity reigns. Options are aplenty. Everyone wins. We are more creative. We respond. We don't react. We look for strength. We are realistic. We are self-aware. We don't rush. 

Imagine if your organisation could hang in the unknown space of grey a little more? We might just find more creative solutions to the problems and the opportunities in front of us. 

Imagine if you could hang in the unknown space of grey a little more? We might listen to what is really going on within and without ourselves. We might find a brand new future we never thought was possible or never saw just in front of our faces....