Don't just "DO"

Many people who own small businesses are very very very good at "Doing". They get shit done. They activate what they see as important straight away. That is because it IS important!

They have created their own success because they execute at speed better than their competitors and their infectiousness rubs off on others and brings them along for the ride. 

In order to be sustainable over the long term however there is a time for "Doing", there is a time for "Planning" and there is a time for "Thinking"!

Think - Plan - Do

I have had the good fortune of working with over 10 entrepreneurs at the point where they want to evolve their business. This evolution is different for each person, however, they have some of the same themes:

- We want to grow revenue exponentially this year and are struggling to really get the lift we expect

- Our people are crying out for a better culture: we need to understand ourselves better and take our team on a journey

- We have an amazing product and service but no one knows about it - we can't tell our story in a personalised way

- Whoah we have grown so much we have no processes, no structure and vulnerabilities in our business model left, right and centre

It is at these points I take them back to Think - Plan - Do. 


Build a strategy that is robust, repeatable and anchors the organisations decisions into a framework that includes their Purpose, Values and Ambitions.


Prioritise chunks of  change wrapped around their strategic direction.


Then activate the right technology with the right people to create sustainable change throughout the organisation.