Single Source of Truth

Want to build a single source of the truth that combines all of your business information onto the 1 platform?

Many people do because they can achieve real-time visibility into the health of their business, visualise the entire customer journey and slice and dice their business information from multiple angles for example; what marketing campaign introduced to us our most satisfied customers? What types of products are key indicators of repeat sales? What customer segment pays their bills on time?

In order to get a single source of the truth, you need to first get all of your team at the same table.

Marketing, sales, customer service, product, finance, human resources and technology all led, inspired and challenged by the leadership team to have 1 conversation.

You will never achieve a single source of truth without your team truly committed to the same goals and objectives captured in consolidated planning that is contributed to by all teams. 

Your first few starting points here then are 1. Are we clear on what we want to achieve? 2. Are we all committed to starting a joint conversation. 3. Are we committed to each others success? 4. Are we ready and willing to be OK with complexity? 5. Who is going to start the conversation?

It could just be you...