Modern thinking from many different fields indicates over 95% of our experience is subconscious.

Many theories propose our subconscious experience plays out in parts of the brain hard to map or in hard wiring found in the very cells that make up our bodies. 

This subconscious experience demands of us to find stillness within so we can listen, awareness of ourselves to be able to decode the subconscious experience and an ability to live in the grey and not force ourselves, others and the situations we find ourselves in into black and white / win and lose. 

What then for our organisations? If 95% of our individual experience is subconscious that would mean 95% of the experience in our organisations is subconscious. 

How does your organisation equip itself to increase stillness, be more self-aware, with an ability to empower people to live in the complexity of the grey - not knowing what is right or wrong / win or lose?

It has been my experience playing an infinite game that defocuses on who wins and who loses adds complexity but also strength via flexibility in how we make choices. Living in the grey keeps us creative, open and willing to adapt to change that moves us all forward together. 

How can you encourage stillness?

How can you grow in self-awareness?

How can you let go and live in the grey?