Turn back time

Facebook has a habit of showing me pictures from 6-7 years ago.

The person I was 6-7 years ago is not the same person typing on these keys this morning.

We shift, meld and change constantly. The person I was before writing this blog post won't be the same person once I have finished.

We hoodwink ourselves at times that we are fixed in position (or at least parts of ourselves are fixed). We have convinced ourselves that the people around us are even more stuck in position. 

It helps to create a sense of safety and knowingness. It helps to distract us from the impermanence and vulnerability that runs like a river through every moment.

We are changing. The people around us are changing. Our organisations are changing. How can we tune into the change that is forcibly happening all around us?

Once we become aware of our own pace of change and tune in we just might be able to see what is happening all around us.