Too much to do

I hear constantly from CEOs and Founders that there is too much to do that it is distracting the team from paying attention to broken foundations of the business in people, processes or technology. 

Why oh why so busy? Why too busy to focus and invest time and money on the things holding the business back?

Its almost like the building (organisation) is built on fractured concrete but you are continuing to build the deck with a jacuzzi (busyness - lots of projects - sparkly things).

I have a suspicion that we are much more prepared to install the jacuzzi out the back because we lack the self-awareness or the guts to look at the crumbling foundations.

We only see what we want to see. So we actually can't see the extent of the damage for example in our culture, product strategy, sales process or finance reporting.

Our subconscious (or conscious) responsibility and supposed 'guilt' for not addressing the important aspects of change keep us in the dark. We avoid focusing on the change that is hard to seek.

We focus our attention on the pretty, sparkling and interesting things that we can immerse our guests in at a later time ;)

We find ourselves in black and white scenarios. We are either successful or not. Fixing fractured foundations is hard, complicated and we might possibly fail.

It calls us to hang in mystery, be vulnerable, be ok with not being ok and putting in some hard work.