A black coffee two carrots and a banana.

That is how some people fuel their bodies for success. 

Some people sleep 3 days straight and are awake for 5 days! 

Most of us walk around disconnected from our bodies not aware of the hardship we are putting our physical system through by the food we eat, lack of exercise, unbalanced stress etc etc.

This has a flow-on effect to our nervous systems and then to other systems like our cognition where thoughts, feelings and emotions collide in understanding. 

We might be tempted to dwell in survival mode - heightening the power of our amygdala (lizard brain) blocking awareness of ourselves and others and keeping us in the flight or fight responses we see in our organisations every day. 

How do we stop starving ourselves of balance and open ourselves up to broader self-awareness that just might take us from survival to experiencing a world/life of infinite possibilities?