Catalogue, Journal and Document

Catalogue, Journal and Document your way through change. Change might be thoroughly personal or it might be the change you are experiencing as an organisation. 

The word catalogue comes from Ancient Greek: κατά = downwards, towards and λέγω ‎(légō) = to gather, to pick up, to choose for oneself, to pick out, to count.

Catalogue means to tell at length in order. A prioritisation is applied in the meaning of catalogue and we could be cataloguing the future or the past. 

In the digital age with connection our focus, we constantly reduce the importance of documentation.  If we do document we over complicate and bury simple truths in mountains of information which totally erodes the power of cataloguing, journalling and documented anticipatory change or change that has just occurred. 

Document the change you seek and give it an order. This is especially important if you are working as a team and the mission of change is a shared one. 

Journal your experience of change to empower reflection. Reflection takes change felt and understood in this moment into the next moment as a powerful contribution to future change. 

We choose for ourselves the change we seek, the change we allow, the change we bring forward and the changes that will last.