Everything has a price

Things are not "expensive". Prices are merely a device in a market. The price indicates just what the market will pay for a certain product or service. 

You pay a hefty price for one thing over another thing because it either gives you access to more opportunity, saves you money via efficiency or maintenance costs etc etc. A price could be seen as saving you from an equal spend on the next best alternative. It could be seen as the hidden costs of your next best alternate choice. 

Cloud computing licence cots vs Custom building a platform

An automated payment gateway vs Manual handling invoices and payments 

Sometimes it's good to go for the cheaper option but do it with a sound strategic plan. The law of balance of course applies. Having awareness on how you will need to transform that cheaper spend in the future for efficiency, cost reduction and speed is important.

When you hear yourself saying "Yeah but that is expensive" ask why that business has permission to charge the price. Dig deep. You might find out the hidden costs of the next best thing.