Don't be Ubered

"Ubered" a word used to describe what happened to the global taxi industry. 

Some off the cuff tips for reducing your chances of being "Ubered". 

1. Become a digital-first company: Truly digital first. How are you reframing your organisation as a technology company that does X NOT a company that does X with technology? 

2. Have you got an equal focus on your Customer Journey as you do your Employee Journey? Are you equally as focused on your customers as you are the people that enable customer connection?

3. Are you in the right business? Is your business needed? Are you pushing an outdated service or product up a hill called the future? If you are pivot! Become the Uber.

4. Are you harnessing constraints? Constraints are beautiful things they engage, they reduce complexity, they protect ROI, they keep people awake, they motivate, they refine, they quicken! Cut the team, cut the budget, hire smart, give bold challenges and innovate before you are out innovated.