Bonsai Gardens

Don't send your team to go rake a Bonsai Garden in the backyard when your house is on fire.

Bonsai Gardens = Are vanity projects that ensure we all look "successful" but help to distract us from a focus on the foundations, sustainability and any sense of meaningful prioritisation (because it's hard to get it right).

Bonsai gardens are pretty to look at, temporary and even though close up look deceptively large when you step back they are in fact very very small miniatures of life-sized objects.

Houses = Represent your primary investment. It is where you have invested (or could have invested) most of your time, energy, and money. This is where you greet your visitors.

This is where you foster connection. This is where you produce food that nourishes - the family and their visitors (employees, customers and partners). It is your foundation. A collection of systems and processes that nourish, connect, keep safe and provide.

Fire = Represents both the productive and destructive forces of problems and opportunities.

They could represent a competitive opportunity in the market but most often represent a small fire that has taken hold by ignoring the sparking wire in the basement that has now slowly turned into a raging fire that threatens to take out the pillar supports that hold up the level above.

You don't rush to put out the small fire you wait until it is a real big threat - chaos - emergency - a significant threat. You don't call the electrician when you see a spark because you and your team are huddled around the Bonsai Garden. 

Some people love Bonsai Gardens. Some people just really love calling the fire brigade. Some people love Bonsai Gardens whilst they watch someone else put out the fire.

Some people don't like Bonsai Gardens or calling the fire brigade. These are the people diligently investing in their house by focusing on self-awareness, priority order and the open -honest - warm connections they can make with their employees, customers and partners.