Technology should follow not lead.

Your technology acquisition, implementation, configuration, integration and its resultant change management processes MUST be directed by the direction of your strategy.

Strategy being your Purpose - Why you exist, Vision - What you will look like when you get there, Ambitions - How you know you are there and then your Values - What will guide you getting to where you want to get. 

Overall your strategy is your direction. It should guide technology not be dictated to by technology. You will notice that strategy is MUCH more about people and relationships than it is about profit or the mechanics behind human interaction.

Profit is the by-product of effective relationships between humans and technology. We have the capability to reduce costs and increase revenue by directing technology to our human strategies for interconnectedness and relationship. Customer to Customer. Customer to Employee. Employee to Partner. Partner to Partner. Partner to Customer.

We can quickly approach risks and opportunities in front of us or slothly adapt. That is a choice.

We can connect genuinely with our people or we can manufacture care.

We can be guided by deep purpose and establish deep connection or we can guide by laws, rules, measurement and reward.