Brené Brown: The Anatomy of Trust

Yesterday morning I was privileged to attend my clients event a Business Chicks workshop with Brené Brown. Brené shared some new research on leadership. It was sensational!

I am not attempting to replicate what Brené said this morning but what really struck me as powerful. These are definitely my words not Brené's.

The Anatomy of Trust: What does Brené's research say about what makes up Trust?

It is framed by the acronym BRAVING:

Boundaries - Mine and Yours. Appropriate boundaries of sharing, expressing and being. Not only mine but yours too. We hold a space for each other.

Reliability - We do what we say we will do. We are reliable. 

Accountability - Be gracious. Own your part. Apologise. 

Vault - Confidentiality - The basics of confidentiality. But are you sharing something you are not permitted to share to another person? What effect does this have on the person you are sharing with? Do they trust you still?

Integrity - You stay in your integrity choosing courage over comfort. Choose right over easy.

Non-judgement - We all ask for what we need and generosity overflows whilst we withhold judgement.

Generosity - Make the most generous assumptions of me then dig in see what's happening

.....and below are Brené's own words: