Strengths and Weaknesses

Each of us has strengths: StrengthsFinder tells me some of mine are Winning Others Over, Strategy, Communication, Ideation and Activation. Fully realising these strengths enabled me to go out on my own so I can operate within them every single day. 

Each of us has a shadow side: A shadow cast by our towering strengths. Some of mine include; sometimes I am busy talking about an idea and don't listen well enough, I create new ideas rapidly possibly not prioritising them in a sequential order and once I activate something new I find it hard to sit still and play a maintenance role.

My very strengths cast a shadow. That shadow is not necessarily made up of weaknesses because my strengths allow me to do what others can't do easily and allows for me to create a connection with others that have differing strengths and shadows.

The trick is working with a diverse team whose strengths are my shadows and their shadows are my strengths!  

This is happening at a personal level - It also happens at an organisational level. 

Businesses have strengths: speed to market, innovation at the core, amazing culture, incredible leadership, a stellar community of customers and many years in business.

Businesses have shadows: Lack of high-quality products, outdated products and services, poor customer experiences, mediocre middle management, bad partner relationships and stagnation.

How is your business combating it's shadow created but its towering strengths? 

Have you got plans to hire a diverse team? 

Are you creating task forces to combat key areas that will enhance your strengths? 

How are you creating sustainability through your awareness and approach to your shadow? 

Have you got the right partnerships in place to compliment your organisations strengths?