Who uses who?

Humans should use technology, technology should not use humans. 

I think we are so captivated by our digital world we don't 'use' technology it uses us! 

We are constantly checking, updating, planning, learning, doing and connecting through digital interfaces that technology is actually using us!

How can we shift the paradigm we have created? How can we ensure we don't lose real connections with our employees, customers, and partners whilst also accessing the cost reducing, efficiency providing and unique experiences found in digital environments? 

Strategise: Build a strategy around your central purpose - make sure humans are front and centre to the reason why you exist. Define values for connecting and enhancing people's lives whoever they are. Develop key ambitions and goals that track your progress in connecting with humans and the digital tools that support and not dominate connections. 

Plan: Plan and prioritise in building a human first mindset into your use of technology. Build customer journey maps and employee journey maps that strive to reach the ambitions of these people first journeys and then find supporting technology that enables it - not the other way around.

Activate: Activate the right technology to empower human to human interactions and take things offline at defining moments. This will not only empower your employees to feel connected and valued but will highlight to your customers that they matter in the real-world. Here we create messy, analog and real-time connections. Leverage technology to empower these moments to help them scale, be affordable and sustainable.