Opportunistic or Planned?

Would your organisation prefer to be opportunistic or planned?

Opportunistic: Agile. Responsive to outside sources of change. Adaptive when things don't go as planned. More luck than strategy. Quick to cover gaps. Higher risk. Competitive. 

Planned: Specific. Orchestrated. Forward thinking. Not as adaptive when things don't go as planned. More strategy than luck. Slower to cover gaps. Methodical. Strategic. 

Many times I see businesses being one or the other.

An artful combination of the two is seldom seen. 

BUT imagine an organisation who achieved a balance between the two? This organisation would have:

  • A diverse team: Many minds coming together to be both opportunistic and planned
  • Stable technology: A system of record and defined processes that are both agile enough to respond rapidly to emerging needs whilst also providing a strong and solid foundation for future planning/execution
  • Dynamic planning: They would operate from a strong sense of "who they are" their Purpose both at an organisational level and individual level would guide their building of a 5 year plan with guts that is leading the way, protecting the future which also has room for flexibility and evolution to enhance their adaptiveness 

Opportunistic or planned? Why not BOTH!