Think - Plan - Do

Think - 

You and your team are probably like everyone else in business and spend a lot of time doing! Doing the stuff that is urgent. Doing the stuff that keeps customers happy. Doing the stuff that keeps revenue coming in. Doing the stuff that just has to be done!

Stop. Allocate some thinking time. Contemplate the foundations of your business and how to programmatically fix them. Ideate opportunities that might pop up and how to capitalise on them. Forward plan the next 5 years in people, processes and technology.

Plan - 

Take your thinking time and plan for its delivery. Plan out who will be responsible for what. Break the team into working groups to divide and conquer. Make a real impact by utilising clear goals, freedom and reward to accelerate team performance around these strategic initiatives. 

Do - 

Activate this thinking and planning into the right technology. Don't create silos. Consolidate your systems and processes into as fewer platforms as possible.

Hire experts in these platforms that can jump into project teams to support the work teams to activate their thinking into the single source of truth. These experts should be seen as service providers to the people and process experts that make up your team. They translate the strategy into the right configuration or development. 

Think Plan Do - three steps. All as equally as important as the other. Don't skip one like your competitors are doing and realise a significant and compelling competitive differentiation into the next 5 years where your people are connected to the right technology at the right time.