Hubs of Sharing

Since the dawn of industrialism, we have hoodwinked ourselves that our organisations are designed for the profit of one specific group - it's owners.

Whilst yes this is exactly what is going on in our textbooks, in reality, many people profit from a group of people connecting to sell a service or product.

Businesses - Organisations - Companies: Are hubs of connections that empower people through wages, products/services, education, partnerships, channels, products, capability, leverage, exposure and community. We share with each other our capabilities, strengths and resources. We all profit in a multitude of ways. 

When you fully see this things start to change. Employee welfare, education and career planning programs become critical. Partnership health tracking is invested in. Community engagement is re prioritised. Broad and deep processes to support an organisations varied and significant stakeholders are invested in.

When we better connect everyone into a hub of sharing we see a true community emerge. The trick is how do we propagate these connections in a way that supports their scalability, reduces their overall cost and enhances their richness?