The New Normal

The new normal of technology is fast to access, highly configurable and easily integrated. 

This speed presents a problem. We can quickly customise and integrate many different technologies without taking heed of our strategic direction or the sustainability we are enabling or disabling with our choices.

1. Take stock: Set aside some thinking time to define your direction via forming a solid strategic direction that should contain Purpose, Values and Ambitions amongst other things

2. Sustainability: Think 5 years into the future. Are these investments going to be paving the way for a successful future? Will these choices amplify your options into the future?

3. Activation: Have you got the right people plugging things together?  Are you asking the right people for advice here? Have you got the experience in the room to activate your strategy with the right tools and techniques? 

Are you taking full advantage of the new normal of technology? It's fast, easy to configure and easy to integrate into a single source of truth - but are you doing it sustainably?