Design for trust

We are in a new economy. It is the sharing economy supported by the connections economy. Our organisations are hubs of connections between customers, employees and partners.

Our organisations could be seen as centres for sharing. 

Sharing that generates value for individuals like customers and employees and sharing with businesses like customers and partners. Our connections with each other enable sharing that establishes equal gain for all who are engaged. 

How do we design these sharing systems and our connective tissue to enable positive relationships? How do we provision just the right amount of change management to facilitate connections that matter for people? How do we design for trust in these systems where humans collide?

Trust the number one ingredient in allowing people to safely connect and empower each other through their relationships. 

How do we get visibility into these connections? 

How do we support these human transactions when things go wrong?

How do we enhance connections so more and more are created?

How do we foster an environment of trust?