Brené Brown: Bravery

This morning I was privileged to attend my clients event a Business Chicks workshop with Brené Brown. Brené shared some new research on leadership. It was sensational!

I am not attempting to replicate what Brené said this morning but what really struck me as powerful. These are definitely my words not Brené's.

A leader is anyone who holds herself accountable to finding potential in people and processes.

A leader shows up. Is seen. Takes risks.

A leader embraces metrics with relationships. Not metrics alone.

A non-leader uses motivation as manipulation. Motivation is "What we know". It lasts for a short time. It is based on fear. 

A more resolved motivation is inspiration. Inspiration is "Who we are". Its everlasting. Inspiration is concerned with how you as a leader handle the discomfort of confronting "Who we really are" "Why we exist". It is based on hope and infinite possibility. It takes us to vulnerable places. 

Vulnerability is where you are uncertain, is a risky spot and you find yourself on the brink of exposing your emotions. 

Transformational leadership therefore is discomfort.

Do you choose courage over comfort? If you choose courage you choose vulnerability and if you choose vulnerability you choose the confidence to be unsure and explore.

Tomorrow's post will explore Brené's Anatomy of Trust.