Digital First

Is your business embarking on a mission to be truly 'Digital First' in everything you do?

  1. If your business is not digital in 5 years you won't have a business
  2. Your customer won't know how to connect with you 
  3. You won't be able to hire and keep the right employees
  4. You won't be able to drive profitability

I believe profitability will be determined by our ability to leverage a digital foundational ecosystem to reconnect the humans who work for you to the humans you want to buy from you.

Technology will represent broadly a commodity you either have right or wrong and your ability to create real world connections with your key stakeholders including employees, partners and customers will define your success into the next 5-10 years. 

Even if your product is a purely digital exchange your human to human connections between employees and partners is paramount and will be felt in your ability to secure profitability.

Customer, Employee and Partner connection in a purely digital world needs to be a part of the strategic plan to differentiate, capture market share and maintain profitability. 

In order to be positioned for this digital future are you focused on the following?

  • Building a 'Single source of truth' on a highly scalable and integrative platform?
  • Are you purchasing and acquiring new technological capability embedded within your strategic direction: Purpose, Vision, Values and Ambitions? 
  • Are you hiring for EVERY role with a digital first mindset?
  • Is your CEO talking digital in every conversation? Is your CFO and CMO aligned on this also?