Marketing Automation 101

Often people ask - "How do I get started with Marketing Automation". Here is a summary of my answer - Reach out if you want to talk about any specific area of what I detailed below: 

1. Customer Journey Mapping

Map the end to end customer journey of your typical customer - you might need multiple maps if specific groups have very distinct journeys. This mapping should include Find, Win and Keep:

  • Find: Acquisition of new leads or people ready to fill the top part of your funnel
  • Win: Converting new leads to revenue and serving them
  • Keep: Generating repeat and referral business - transform a $1 spent on the "Find" phase to $5 in repeat and referral business

2. Persona Mapping

Create an aggregate view of your key customer groups. They should be focused on their unique needs, goals and information that drives your team to serve your customers with relevant journeys, content and products/services. 

3. Content Creation Mapping

Map out the content themes that should be focused on to service your key customer groups or personas.

What do they want to hear? What connects them to value your organisation represents? What content do they want to consume throughout their entire journey with you? What will activate them to transact with your or to refer you to their family or friends? 

4. Single Source of Truth - CRM

Is your single source of truth ready for marketing automation? Is it easily segment-able? Is it ready to be integrated into your website, social channels and your email/SMS capability? Is it ready for a pre-built integration into one of the leading marketing automation platforms? 

Have you got the right resources in the team to help you manage the extra configuration and evolution you need to undertake when activating sustainable marketing automation?

Care here needs to be taken on unsubscribe capability, avoiding database erosion by over contacting and also suppressing some individuals based on their engagement in the sales cycle. 

Activating real human contact via your CRM layer in and amongst digital engagement is where you will stand out from your competitors and truly connect with your customers and partners whilst truly empowering your employees to do the best work of their lives. 

5. Acquisition and Attribution

When you go to market to increase your database by Advertising, SEO, SEM, Social media and other content distribution platforms like OutBrain you need a way to faithfully track attribution.

In other words, how can you track where your lead came from then report on that in real time to visualise return on investment for each campaign.


Marketing automation is a dynamic process that requires you to have your ground work completed before activating a platform. Allocate your team a lot of 'thinking time' to prepare the way by planning for the above well ahead of acquiring a marketing automation platform.