Rome was not built in one day.

The new normal of technology has hoodwinked some of us that we can do it all. Vendor stories make it look effortless to revolutionize marketing, sales and customer service by acquiring access to a platform alone.

This is a modern myth. 

To properly revolutionise how a business acquires new business, converts this business to profit and then maintains relationships that inspire repeat and referral business takes three ingredients so sorely missed out in the way our technology vendors describe success. 

Build a phased approach for your organisation based around these three key ingredients. 

1. People: Resourcing new technology is the single most prevalent failure I am seeing in clients. Either they do not see the power in up skilling their existing team in new platforms or they expect the technology to do the heavy lifting without properly resourcing the platform - an Executive Assistance can't properly administrate a platform being used by 30+ people.

Resource your technology with human focused technologically savvy people. You might already have these people in your team who can be up skilled. You might need to go to market. Don't forget if any business is not focused on becoming a digital-first business they won't be in business in 5 years time. 

2. Thinking: Define your direction. Define what you want to achieve. Define how you want to achieve it. Take the time to develop with your team your Purpose, Ambitions and Values. These should be used to guide what technology you choose to adopt, the people you bring on board and also the phased approach to activating the right technology with the right people. 

This thinking time will ensure you are headed in the right direction whilst building sustainable systems of people and technology. A company won't be competitive and profitable into the next 5 years unless they unite their humans to the right technology that enables the right strategy. 

Technology is a commodity. How you engage your people with technology to achieve your Purpose is where you will remain profitable whilst winning business far and above your competition. 

3. Technology: An interconnected ecosystem of technology not just 1 platform. To really get to the guts of a unique and bespoke use of technology that establishes a competitive advantage to capture market share and brand loyalty requires an even balance of standard and custom development.

Build on a platform that allows you to focus any custom build towards your uniqueness NOT the stuff that someone has already built like reporting engines, sharing capability and systems of record.

You want to search for drag and drop integration that focuses your development effort on innovating the customer experience, solving messy problems no one else has solved yet and on oversight of the organisations entire architecture.

Focus on sustainability, agility and best practice.