Modern life has almost eradicated most natural cycles from our consciousness. 

We stamp out illness with pseudoephedrine.

We condition our air to the opposite season.

We ignore the rhythms found in our bodies and within the people around us.  

We push ourselves to the limit not respecting the law of cycles, seasons and energy flow.

We turn around and wonder why the sales team is exhausted and their numbers are flatlining. We wonder why our outside relationships with our business partners are tired and heavy. We scratch our heads why it has taken 12 months to realise the dreamboat technology platform you acquired isn't everything the sales guys told you it would be.

We constantly neglect and push away the fact that this world is built around cycles.

The world isn't always ON. We have night and day. Summer and Winter. Good times and Bad times. High energy and Low energy.  

Our modern life with its skyscrapers, 24/7 culture, digitisation has bred a world of disconnected people from each other and ourselves. 

What would happen if your organisation chilled for a minute and started to get a sense of cycles within your business? Can you get a read of when energy is high and when energy is low and know what to do about it? What changes would happen around change management and training to support higher adoption of the systems you have put into place to manage your business cycle?

Honouring and respecting the natural cycles that still make up 100% of our world might be the difference between you being in business in 5 years or not being in business in 5 years. It might mean the difference in generating a profit this year or not generating a profit. 

What do cycles mean to you personally as you sit here reading this blog post? What do cycles mean for the people who sit within your organisation? What could they mean for the world?