You are what you spend.

Who you are and what you are doing in the world determines what you spend your money on.

The thing is you either spend conciously or unconciously.

The life or organisation you are running right now is being determined by what you spend money on. 

The shame of this process is many people and organisations spend unconciously. $100 dinner there. $45 bottle of Shiraz here. $1000 a month on an IT provider there. $50 on transaction fees here. 

If your spending isn't locked and loaded as a clear expression of your strategy, direction and purpose you are unconcious.

If you are not sleeping at the wheel and find yourself investing in the things that align to your strategic direction then you concious. 

Think about what you are spending your money on. Look at your Profit and Loss statement or your Bank Statement as your current 'in market' strategy. What should this become when you wake up?