A designed alliance

Ever feel like the change you seek at work is never supported? Do you feel as if there is constantly a disconnect between your intentions and how your communication, ideas and suggestions are received? 

This could be because you have not A. Designed an alliance with your boss or your team B. Reviewed this alliance to check if it needs to evolve 

An alliance can be simple. What role do you want me to play when you seek my advice? How do you want me to respond if I see something I disagree with? What is the best way to communicate a big concern of mine? How should I share opportunities I see for our team? What are your goals? What are your intentions? How should we communicate?

An alliance can be formalised. A formal meeting can be held to establish a designed alliance and then document it. You can schedule regular reflection milestones to check on the alliance and if it needs to evolve or drastically change. 

This process sets a framework for dialouge and a foundation for tough conversations.

Your and their intentions are transparent. There is structure to review the relationship when things are not working. Everyone is working towards common goals for the relationship.