Change is hard

Change is tough. Sometimes too much change is too much to handle! 

I work with clients everyday to help them change the way they are leveraging their people, the things they do to create value for their customers and the technology they use to reduce costs and increase the potential innovation. 

It is an incredibly hard process to enable a space for change in organisations. Change requires someone to feel as if they have been doing something wrong, admit it and change it.

The executive who decided to build that homegrown platform. The executive who allowed it. The executive who didn't speak up 4 months ago when they knew it was broken. 

It is tough and the only way to look at change is to:

1. Ignore Sunk costs: It is a moral duty to ignore past investments that can't be impacted by future decisions. They are sunk. Making a decision with the emotional cost, cost of time and cost of cost clouds our view and ensures we wallow in Commitment Bias

2. Look out for Opportunity Costs: What is the opportunity cost of NOT changing? What are you losing and or not gaining from standing still?

Enable a space for change.