Corporate Speak: Quickly extend impactful benefits

Argh. Corporate speak.  

Prestige. Low hanging fruit. Oh well we need our culture to be unparalleled. Look we don't want to be perceived as a sweatshop. Tier 1 leverage their brand we are a Tier 2 so in effect an underdog - this is a good thing. Staff want us to do something important. We need to give our employees purpose. It's all about the eco system. Base KPIs are at their limits. Are we a company that cares? We need to foster genuine connection. Trust. Whatever we execute we need to test it. How can we get to our edgey promise? It's all about knowing their success factors. Unplanned attrition is quite low. We have a great family aspect to our organisation. 

There are some words I overheard next to a corporate breakfast which was playing out beside me this morning.

All members of the table good intentioned. No doubt. Seemingly trying to improve a multinational company's approach to human resource management. 

But oh the thickness of corporate speak, the heft. I've been guilty of this many a time before. Using the eloquence of words to fill a void. A denial of the fact we are actually scared, fearful and uncertain of whether the strategies we will have in place after this conversation will work. will strike the right now or actually change anything. 

It's the lack of honesty. It's the lack of real clarity. It's the removal of the guts of the stuff that allow us to continually skirt real improvement. Real change. 

Is our product ready for trust? 

Is our service inherently edgey?  

Are our people actually in a sweatshop? If they are, we should change everything. 

Is the "family" ready to all grow up? 

Is the eco system an eco system the world truly needs? 

What if we stopped the BS and had a real conversation? What would be then known? What could then change?