Health Check

Clients come to me to solve problems and expect me to only address the single core problem in their current frame of reference - which is often shouting at them - most likely their technology isn't working to reduce costs and grow revenue.

They are surprised when I encourage a higher level review of the state of things. 

I tap into their overall purpose, direction and ambitions - Their Strategy.

I ask questions about their team, their strengths, how they relate and how they achieve things together - Their Team.

I go through with them what their priorities are in order to co-create a phased approach to change - Their Planning.

We then look at activating the phased approach with the right technology, in the right direction, with the right people all within a phased approach that respects both the time and money that is available for change - Their Activation.

Many of my engagements start with a simple health check that looks at the organisations Customer Journey from beginning to end searching for what is strong and what needs improvement in order to reduce costs and increase revenue.